Why exhibit

I. An exhibition area of 35,000m2; an event of logistics exhibition industry; a flagship exhibition of China Western Logistics
15th CITLE, being as an outstanding communication platform for industrial chain purchase of transport and logistics industry, which plays a leading role and enjoys advanced technologies and prospective applications, will have a full-speed increase in exhibition area, exhibitors and professional audience.

II. Joined by 500 leading enterprises at home and abroad, fully showing the power of China’s logistics
About 500 leading enterprises which are quite famous in the field of logistics service, including COSCO Logistics, SINOTRANS & CSC, China Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd., China Railway Express Co., Ltd., Federal Express, SF Express, China Telecom and IBM etc., will join CITLE where they will show their brand power and service capacity.

III. 25,000 professional buyers, enterprises of logistics supply chain and manufacturing companies will be invited
Based on the data resources of logistics industry chain and advantage of media (China Logistics Times) gained by CITLE, Organizing Committee will invite professional audiences in full swing in the way of online and offline. Meanwhile, the users of industry chain will be one-to-one invited via telephone invitation service in call center. Before the exhibition, the invited audiences will be confirmed that whether they are coming or not, if yes, tickets, exhibition certificates and exhibition numbers will be send.

IV. 3,000 representatives will have a discussion on the hot topics and have a deep communication
During CITLE, CILW will also be organized, including some special events like Logistics Global Forum, City Logistics Meeting, Logistics Cross-border E-commerce Meeting, Logistics Investment and Financing Meeting and Cold China Logistics Forum etc, by which critical buyers in logistic industry will be attracted. During the exhibition and the meetings, deep communication and interaction will be carried out among the enterprises.

V. Five Exhibition Topics covering the field of transportation and logistics industrial chain service
The five exhibition topics include city logistics, logistics service, logistics equipment and technology, logistics finance and education inquiry training, which penetrate into different kinds of fields. Since the industry classification is more specific and the service involved are more diversified, exhibitors will be showed in a clear and distinctive way and the audiences will get a clearer understanding and easier distinguishing. In this case, commercial cooperation will be promoted. 

VI. Six activities like exhibition, meeting, award, investigation, competition and training, creating a comprehensive exhibition platform
CILW includes some important activities, like exhibition, meetings and forums, award selection, visiting and investigation, skill competition, education and training etc, which are considered as a comprehensive platform in terms of logistics information, logistics messages, interaction and cooperation. Anyway, CILW, attracting broad attention, is an important yearly event which should not be missed.


For more information about CITLE and CILW, please send E-mail to cilw2015@163.com. Thank you for your attention and support!