Technical seminar

6th Logistics Technology Conference

China Logistics Technology Conference is a core event in CILW, which is honored as “Wind Vane of Logistics Technology Development” and had been successfully held for 5 times.

Time: At 9:00-12:00 on Nov. 27th, 2015

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Scale: 300 attendees

Board 1: High-level Forum of Information Technology Application and Logistics Informatization

Topic: Intellectualization and Terminal Application of Mobile Internet

Content: development organizations of mobile internet, platform operators and industry experts are invited to release and promote the new technologies and new products related to mobile internet; representatives from government, logistics companies and other relevant enterprises are invited to share their experience in using logistics technology.

1. Recommend Achievement: Logistics reformation under mobile internet

2. Share Experience: innovation in logistics mode led by technology

3. Intercommunication: mobile internet applied in industrial management and business operation

Board 2: Seminar for New Tendency of Intellectual Logistics

Topic: How does a company realize its innovation in service and how does a company lead the development of modern logistics?

Content: organizations developing logistics intellectual products, service providers and industry experts are invited to release and promote new products related to “Internet of Things” and intellectual technology; representatives from logistics companies and other relevant enterprises are to share their experience in using logistics technology; all attendees are going to talk about the tendency and functions of logistics intellectualization in service innovation and companies’ development.

1. Experts’ Speech: industry experts are invited to show their opinions on “Current Status and Future of Logistics Intellectualization”.

2. Share Experience: Companies using intellectualized techniques and products are invited to share their experience and comments on logistics intellectualization.

3. Promote Product Technique: companies engaging in developing techniques and products, as well as manufacturing and selling, are invited to introduce new products and new techniques.

Board 3: Awarding: Science & Technology awards of “2015 China Logistics Award”

Wind vane of the development of China logistics technology

It is the exhibition window for showing the newest and most advanced logistics techniques and devices in China.


2015 China Cross-border Logistics Conference and 2nd Cross-border E-business Logistics Summit

Topic: Deep Integration on Cross-border Logistics by “Internet+”

Time: at 9:00-12:00 14:00-17:30 on Nov. 27th, 2015

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Conference City

Scale: 300 attendees

Attendee: relevant leaders of Commerce Department, industry associations, cross-border E-business pilot cities, operators in logistics park, companies engaging in cross-border E-business, logistics service providers and other relevant representatives.

1. Authoritative Information: authority experts from research institutes will release the development status and modes of cross-border E-business around the world.

2. Management: Leaders from national authorities, industry associations and local governments (cross-border E-business pilot cities and free trade zones), as well as leaders from customs and commodity inspection departments will share the policies and experience.

3. Operation: representatives from free trade zones, comprehensive test areas of cross-border E-business, air cargos, railway freight, cross-border express and E-business will share their experience with each other; they will also promote their businesses.

4. Technology: representatives from technology developers and product manufacturers, representatives from supply chain management and consultation companies, colleges and universities will promote technologies and products related to cross-border E-business.

5. Discussion: by some classical examples, representatives from relevant enterprises will have a face-to-face and close communication on cross-border warehousing management, transportation & distribution, added-value construction, credit system construction, informationized solutions in four aspects ---- transportation, warehousing, distribution and software platforms.

2nd China Cold-chain Logistics Conference

Topic: Share the Development and Mode of Regional Cold-chain Logistics

Time: Nov. 28th (14:00-17:30)

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Scale: 200 attendees

Attendee: leaders from relevant national authorities, food and agricultural product manufacturers, service providers of cold-chain transportation, suppliers of cold-china equipment technique and media representatives.

Policy Discussion: First Key Engineering of “Medium-term and Long-term Plans for Logistics development”: development opportunity and investment prospect of cold-chain logistics

Experience Sharing: to share the operational characteristics and E-business extension made by cold-chain logistics enterprises in terms of agricultural product cold-chain logistics, refrigerated transport and food safety guarantee system

Interactive Discussion: integration of resources owned by cold-chain logistics enterprises and improvement of logistics efficiency.

It is a big event which is nationwide, professional and high-profile in the filed of cold-chain logistics.