In 1982
CCTA was founded under the State Planning Commission, (now called the National Development & Reform Commission). It has made its due contributions to China’s reform and development in the transportation and logistics industry. It encompasses the widely diverse industries supported by the Ministry of Communications the Ministry of Railways the Petroleum Pipeline Bureau the General Administration of Civil Aviation.

Logistics EnterprisesSub-association
Transport and Logistics Research
Sub-Committees Chemical Products Transport Professional Committee
Intelligence Professional Committee
Local Communications and Transportation Research Professional Committee
Local Passenger Transport Collaboration Working Committee
Metropolises Transport Professional Committee
Passenger Terminals Construction Technology Professional Committee
Pipeline Transport Professional Committee
Transport Investment and Financing Committee
Urban Rail Transport Professional Committee
Young Scientists Working Committee

CCTA:a national organization follows four principles:
Serving the Government
Serving the society
Serving the transport and logistics industry
Serving the enterprises

Industry researches
Training & education
Media & conferences
Exchange & cooperation with overseas associations and agencies