Conference and forum

12th CILW Opening Ceremony and Plenary Session

It is the most popular event in logistics industry.

Topic: Via interconnecting, creating an international and two-way logistics mode

Date: At 9:00-12:00 on Nov. 26th, 2015

Venue: Crystal Hall of Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Scale: over 1000 attendees
Attendees: leaders and representatives from relevant national authorities; leaders from national associations and community organizations; leaders and representatives from different provinces and cities; leaders of Sichuan Province and Chengdu City; leaders from relevant committees and bureaus; representatives of logistics associations and organizations in America, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hongkong etc; mayors and leaders in charge of cities (at home and abroad) along “One Belt One Road”; well-known experts at home and abroad; leaders and senior executives engaging in transportation and logistics; top managers from manufacturing industry and other relevant industries; media representatives etc.

2015 Logistics Global Forum and Chinese & Foreign Business Leader Summit

Topic: Logistics Ecology and Countermeasures under E-business

Date: At 14:00-18:00 on Nov. 26th, 2015

Venue: Crystal Hall of Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Scale: 500 attendees

Charged by: NI Wei, Deputy Secretary General of China Communications and Transportation Association, Deputy Director and Secretary General of CILW Organizing Committee

1. Top Viewpoint: well-known economists or big hitters are invited to give their points on economic tendency.

2. Expert Rostrum: famous experts in relevant industries are invited to give speeches, analyzing current tendency and situation, recommending beneficial modes. 

3. Leaders’ Style: Entrepreneurs, from large-scale state-owned logistics enterprises (like COSCO, Sinotrans & CSC and China Post etc) and large-scale privately operated logistics companies (express companies and E-business logistics etc), and leaders, from fast developed logistics companies, are invited to give speeches. Also, successful entrepreneurs recommended by overseas community organizations (like BVL International and CLM) are invited, too.

4. Dialogue: Face-to-face exchange will be launched between E-business VIPs and logistics elites.

5. Awarding: awarding ceremony of “2015 China Logistics Value Brand Top 100”.


3rd China City Logistics Conference

Topic: Interconnecting ----- Build New Pattern for City Logistics

Date: At 9:00-12:00 14:00-18:00 on 27th, Nov.

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Board 1: Mayor Forum

Content: Mayors in charge are invited to discuss how to implement “Medium-term and Long-term Plans” and the development trend of Chinese city’s logistics under the background of new normal and new situation, as well as major measures used for cross-border E-business and city distribution; in the Forum, all attendees will propose their own opinions and share their experience and determine some measures.

Speaker: leaders from relevant departments, mayors in charge of logistics, well-known logistics experts and scholars.

Board 2: Annual Meeting of Urban Logistics Union of China

Content: 65 cities joining Urban Logistics Union of China will all attend the meeting, leaders in charge from the 65 cities will discuss the work for the next year and comment on the union’s development.

Board 3: “Silk Road Economic Belt” City Logistics Development Summit Forum

Content: Leaders in charge of the cities along “Silk Road Economic Belt”, industry experts, and representatives from famous logistics enterprises at home and abroad will have a discussion and study on some special topics, like the logistics cooperation and exchange between different regions, as well as trade interconnecting under the strategy of “One Belt and One Road”. By this discussion, the cooperation between governments and enterprises along “Silk Road Economic Belt” will be enhanced

Board 4: Seminar of City Logistics Mode Innovation

Content: Cities with featured logistics development, innovative modes and successful economic transition are invited to share their experience; meanwhile, representatives from these cities will propose their views and the experts present will give comments.

Board 5: City Logistics Promotion Conference

Content: in this conference, the policies of city logistics will be introduced and key projects will be recommended, and investment projects will be promoted.


6th China Logistics Investment and Financing Meeting and Industrial Docking Meeting of China Logistics Park

Topic: Internet + Logistics + Investment & Financing

China Logistics Investment and Financing Meeting is the most valuable event held in CILW, which had been successfully held for 5 times. By this meeting, reliable investment firms and financial tools will be introduced to logistics enterprises, projects and companies with cooperative values will be recommended to investment organizations; introduce the newest financing situation and services to the attendees; via project promotion and achievement signing, a communication bridge among governments, industry association and enterprises will be set up.

Board 1: Business Banquet of China Logistics Financing and Investment Alliance

Date: at 18: 00-20:00 on Nov. 26th

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Content: before the meeting, members of China Logistics Financing and Investment Alliance and representative of CILW will be asked about their demands; communication among governments, enterprises and investment firms will be done, by which a docking can be realized in terms of business cooperation, project cooperation and investment cooperation; in the business banquet, attendees can have a easy talk, follow-up after the meeting will be done.

Board 2: 2014 China Logistics Financing & Investment Forum

Content: well-known experts and scholars in the field of internet, logistics and financing are invited to this forum, as well as founders and senior executives from leading enterprises. In the forum, the development tendency of logistics and financing & investment in the trend of “Internet +” will be deeply discussed by the way of theme lectures and intercommunications. Therefore, a largest scale event for internet, logistics and financing & investment will be made.

Board 3: Promotion Conference

(1) Promotion of logistics financing and service products. 

(2) Special promotion of potential logistics enterprises.

Board 4: Awarding 

As for the cities, enterprises and investment firms attending the CILW, they are able to take part in the campaign of “2015 China Logistics Award”. The awarding is to be held in 12th CILW and 6th China Logistics Financing & Investment Conference.

Board 5: 4th China Logistics Park Development Conference and Awarding Ceremony of Top 50 Parks with Best Investment Environment

In the conference, discussions and communications on integrating industrial chains, development transition under crisis and investment on these parks will be carried out; the organizer particularly set awards for the top 50 parks. All attendees can share experience of how to build up modern logistics parks and learn from marketing examples.

Board 6: 15th China International Transportation and Logistics Expo – exhibition area for China Logistics Investment Alliance, exhibition area for financing products and exhibition corridor for Top 50 logistics parks


“One Belt One Road” International Logistics Cooperative Exchange Conference

Undertaken by: CILW Organizing Committee, Chengdu Logistics Office

Time: Nov. 27th (9:00-12:00)

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Scale: 100 attendees

Attendee: Cities and enterprises along “One Belt One Road”, as well as some overseas guests.


Face-to-Face Experience Exchange on Sino-Europe Railway Operation

Time: Nov. 28th (09:00-12:30)

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Conference Center

Scale: 100 attendees

Board1: Share experience of block trains between China and Europe

Board2: Analysis of current operation status, solving paths and solving ideas for operation

Attendee: Chinese and European block trains, block train contractors, port management department, governmental department in charge, railway freight enterprises, industry experts and media representatives etc.