Exhibition information

Exhibition Information:
Name: The 15th China International Transportation and Logistics Expo
Date: 26th to 28th November, 2015
Venue: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: China Communications and Transportation Association
Co-Organizer: Advance Media Group, MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Chengdu New East Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Value Proposition of Exhibition
15th CITLE is a professional exhibition organized by China Communications and Transportation Association, which is to be successively held for 3 times (in odd-numbered years) in Chengdu since 2015. Being as the most large-scale and most professional exhibition around Western China, CITLE, by concentrating on the logistics and transportation market and radiating the whole China, will set up a highly efficient platform for different kinds of exhibitors, including city logistics, logistics service companies, logistics equipment and technology companies, logistics finance and investment & financing companies as well as logistics educational research training companies and so on. By this platform, the companies are able to have an interaction with each other and reach an efficient cooperation with logistics purchasers. During the expo, CILW will be held, which is to bring out the best in each other. Then, a yearly event of China’s logistics industry will be formed.

Make an Expo with International Quality ---- Win-win Cooperation between CILW and MMI Co., Ltd.
In order to make a biggest and most influential exhibition platform, CILW and MMI agreed to have a deep cooperation and set up a relationship of strategic partner. From 2015 to 2020, both parties will co-hold CITLE and Munich Transport Logistic China in six consecutive years.

MMI was rather experienced in organizing exhibitions while Transport Logistic China was the largest logistics expo all over the world. Since its first exhibition in 2004, Transport Logistic China has tightly followed up the market development and insisted on making a logistics expo with a industrial chain of sea and air logistics. Transport Logistic China has become a leading supply chain and logistics expo in Asian because it covers numerous fields, like logistics service, logistics real estate, air cargo, road transportation, port logistics, shipping logistics and logistics equipment. 800 exhibitors and about 25,000 professional audiences joined the 2014 Transport Logistic China where a discussion on the development trend of logistics chain in the 50,000m2 exhibition hall was launched.

Via the win-win cooperation, Transport Logistic China is to be held in Chengdu where the scale and internationalization will be greatly improved. Since it was confirmed that Chengdu would got the opportunity to hold CILW for 3 times and CILW will be held in Chengdu in odd-numbered years while in Shanghai in even-numbered years, so the expo covers the logistics industry all over China because it links Eastern China with Western China and then a new pattern of logistics industry will be started in China.


For more information about CITLE and CILW, please send E-mail to cilw2015@163.com. Thank you for your attention and support!